9 Months – Other Carers

9 Months – Other carers looking after your child

Those who assist you in caring for your child are a huge support. They will want to do their best for both you and your child. However, you may not always agree with their views on raising children. Keeping open communication on how you would like your child taken care of will be important. They may have questions or concerns regarding what to feed your child or what to do to keep them busy.

Provide support to other carers by:

  • providing suggestions on how to keep your child physically active
  • sharing some success stories around how you play with your baby
  • making sure that the foods you normally feed your baby are in the house
  • letting them know what your child drinks and when they eat during the day
  • chatting about your approaches regarding food refusal.

Fun activity ideas you could suggest to other carers

  • Throwing leaves and grass clippings up into the air and letting them rain down
  • Doing chalk drawings on the footpath
  • Playing ‘chasey’ in the garden
  • Rolling a ball to each other across the lounge room
  • Playing dress ups with scarves and hats
  • Playing peek-a-boo with the clothes on the line outside
  • Making music with plastic containers, plastic cups and wooden spoons
  • Rearranging the tea towel drawer

Fun food ideas you could suggest to other carers:

  • Taking a picnic lunch of sandwiches, vegetables and fruit to the playground
  • Going to the fruit and vegetable shop or supermarket and focusing on the fresh produce aisle — the colours are amazing and there’s lots to talk about.


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