Food I should eat

Eating a variety of food is important after you have a baby. The Australian Dietary Guidelines show us what types and amounts of food to have. Use the information below from the Australian Dietary Guidelines to check off what you are having and what you may need to change.

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dapted from the Australian Dietary Guidelines, Healthy Eating During Pregnancy, National Health and Medical Research

How about fats and oils?

As well as the food above, 14-20g/day or a bit less than one tablespoon of unsaturated spreads/oils is recommended for pregnant women. For example olive oil, canola oil and poly unsaturated or mono unsaturated margarines.

What about extra or sometimes foods?

It’s ok to have extra or sometimes foods in small amounts occasionally. The Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend 0 to 2 1/2 serves per day. The best way to do this is to take time to eat these extra foods, to savour and enjoy them. One serve of extra foods is equal to:

  • 1 chocolate coated, cream filled biscuit
  • 2 plain or 1 cream filled biscuit
  • 1/2 small muffin, lamington or cup cake
  • 3 small squares of chocolate
  • 3 liquorice allsorts or 8 jubes
  • 7 corn chips or potato crisps

Food allergy or intolerance?
If you have a diagnosed food allergy or intolerance or you are restricting your diet in any way, it’s best to speak to an accredited practising dietitian to ensure you’re obtaining all the necessary nutrients your body needs.

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