Healthy weight after birth

It is normal to gain weight during pregnancy and a healthy part of supporting the growth of your baby. For most women, it can be difficult after the birth to lose the weight gained. The best way to lose this weight is with regular exercise and eating a healthy balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and a variety of foods from each of the food groups.

A healthy weight is important

A healthy weight is not only important for your health, but it can make things a lot easier when you’re running after a toddler or dealing with the competing demands of motherhood. Carrying extra weight can make you feel more tired or fatigued and can make sleeping more difficult. So, being a healthy weight can help you adjust better to motherhood and all of its demands.

To learn about the best weight for you go to the setting goals for a healthy weight page just below.

How much weight should I aim to lose?

But remember that safe weight loss happens slowly (about 0.5 – 1kg per week is recommended). Whilst it might take a while to lose the weight you gained during pregnancy, stick with it. With a healthy diet and regular exercise you’re on track and doing a great job!

If you were overweight before you were pregnant, or if you gained a large amount of weight during your pregnancy, a more structured approach might be needed in order for you to achieve a healthy weight.

Planning another pregnancy?

If you are planning another pregnancy or there is a chance you may become pregnant again, it is important to reach a healthy weight before your next pregnancy. Being a healthy weight in the next pregnancy reduces your risk of pregnancy complications and is good for you and your baby’s health. Eating a healthy diet and being physically active on a regular basis after the birth of your baby will help you achieve a healthy weight by the time you are pregnant next time.

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