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I am one of the Principal Investigators of INfant Feeding, Active play and NuTrition (INFANT) d one of the leaders of the INFANT implementation evaluation.

My role in the project is to develop the technology platform and the analytics capabilities for the INFANT app, called My Baby Now – to support the research and data needs of the team, which involves MCH nurses, researchers and partners from across the LGAs in Victoria.

My ‘day job’ is with La Trobe University, where I am an Associate Professor in Data Analytics within the Centre for Data Analytics and Cognition. I am also the Deputy Head of the Department of Accounting and Data Analytics within the Business School.

The alternative perspective that the INFANT team members bring has been great. Often as researchers, we tend to only see a problem from the perspective of our domain expertise. Having worked across different domains, I learnt that our views and understanding of a problem can be quite different. It’s important to listen to these wide-range of ideas and collaborate to create the best solution!

Generally, my research focuses on the different methods of data analytics, including artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, to develop creative solutions that solve problems in a range of industry domains. So far, this approach has led me to be involved in many interesting research problems, from injury modelling for our AFL players as a way to manage their training loads to the creation of in-app analytics custom built to the needs of INFANT researchers.

INFANT’s implementation within Victoria is now rolling out on a large-scale. I am incredibly proud of the reach and impact my work has. Over many years, the in-app technology has developed significantly with more benefiting from our work at INFANT.

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