The successful implementation of INFANT continues to grow across Victoria. Health professionals from across Victoria are continually engaging in the INFANT training course, enhancing their skills and readiness to facilitate the INFANT program within their LGA.

As each Victorian Local Government Area (LGA) is different, and the way in which INFANT will be implemented will vary. Therefore, four sites across Victoria have taken the time to share their individual experience and implementation journey.

Each case study story provides insight into why their LGA decided to implement INFANT and how they have been able to do this successfully.

Case Study – Mildura

“Local collaboration was vital to our success”

As one of the first INFANT Feeding, Active play and NuTrition (INFANT) sites, Mildura’s implementation is increasing regional families’ physical activity and nutrition support and skills. This program hopes to support families and their babies’ lifelong health.

Mildura has taken a cross-collaborative approach to implementing INFANT with support from experts in dietetics, health promotion and maternal and child health.

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Case Study – Alpine

Community support has been vital in the implementation of Alpine’s INFANT”

Located in northeast Victoria near the picturesque Mount Hotham and Bogong High plains, Alpine Health has recently commenced INFANT implementation, connecting community health and families through this successful early child health initiative.

In a dynamic implementation, Alpine INFANT is harnessing community health enthusiasm, through their small team of local midwives, to drive healthy lifestyle habits (healthy eating and active play) from the start of life.

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Case Study – Corangamite

“Open communication was everything”

Corangamite is located in southwest Victoria and is implementing the INFANT program within the Corangamite Shire Council, with Maternal Child Health nurses and Southwest Healthcare Dietitians facilitating the sessions.

Corangamite’s first INFANT session is dove-tailed into every New Parent Group across the region.

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Case Study – Indigo

“In partnership with a range of community health organisations and local government, Indigo INFANT is delivering evidence-based early child health support with impact.”

Bordering the Murray River and the Alps, Indigo INFANT is being supported by Beechworth Health Service, Indigo Shire Council and Indigo North Health to enhance early child health and wellbeing.  

Indigo INFANT was made possible through the support of integrated health promotion and primary health funding coupled by embedding INFANT into local Indigo Shire Council plans and Integrated Health Promotion plans.

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