I am the Strategy Coordinator for INFANT, and part of the implementation team that works closely with the research team. My background is a Community Dietitian and I’ve worked in population health in multiple areas across Australia, focusing on ways to make it easier for people to eat well, be active and maintain social connections in their local communities.    

My role includes engaging with different stakeholders to develop strategies that help to integrate the INFANT messages into relevant services and programs. I also coordinate partnerships to promote the implementation of INFANT through existing and new policies, funding, service delivery and programs. Recently, I’ve been involved with coordinating the online Refresher Training and Community of Practice.  

It’s fantastic working with a knowledgeable and passionate team that is focused on supporting new parents and health professionals in the formative ‘early years’ of a baby’s growth and development. We are dedicated to making it easier for parents and health professionals to promote nutrition and active play in the early years.  

Our aspiration is that every parent with a new baby can access the INFANT program for evidence-based advice on healthy eating and active play, to establish healthy behaviours early in their baby’s life.