Providing continuous breastfeeding support to mums, dads and carers is essential, regardless of the time of day. With more families seeking support through online channels, the INFANT team want to ensure you’re accessing reliable, evidence-based resources that will help you and your baby.

To meet the demand for trustworthy information both during pregnancy and after your baby is born, The INFANT team, led by Associate Professor Rachel Laws, created the ‘My Baby Now’ app. This resource builds on maternal child health services advice and brings you 24-hour breastfeeding support at the tap of a button.

We believe that equipping mums, dads and carers with accurate and reliable infant feeding information and support is crucial in helping to support families with their breastfeeding journey.

Just like learning to riding a bike or play a musical instrument breastfeeding is a skill that we must learn and that is why it is so important for mums, dads, partners and other carers to have access to trustworthy breastfeeding information and support.”

The My Baby Now app covers everything you need to know about feeding your baby whether you breastfeed, formula feed or use a combination of both. With our app you’ll receive unbiased, credible advice and tips avoiding the need to google and sort through hundreds of different websites.

From our research, both mums and dads have told us that they often have so many questions about breastfeeding which they need to answer to immediately, the My Baby Now app provides this, 24/7 at your fingertips.”

Our aim is for the My Baby Now app to become your go-to resource for guidance, offering non-judgmental support. By promoting informed decisions, we hope to enhance the feeding practices between you and your baby and ensure a smooth start to your journey into parenthood.

We’re here for you every step of the way. Embrace this exciting phase with confidence, knowing that expert support is readily available at your fingertips.

Learn more about breastfeeding during the first week here or download the My Baby Now app below here.