The last step before the final quiz is about developing networks with others who have completed INFANT training, and opportunities to share ideas and find support. 

Connecting with other health professionals who are working in the same area can encourage problem solving, generate new ideas to recruit and engage participants, and reduce duplication of resources such as promotional brochures or evaluation surveys. 

In 2022, we commenced an online INFANT “Community of Practice” for trained INFANT facilitators, to complement the INFANT facilitator’s forum on our website. The online CoP events are hosted by the INFANT team and can be virtually attended by all trained INFANT facilitators. The first CoP focused on engaging priority groups who are experiencing personal or social barriers that inhibit their participation in INFANT groups. A summary of the CoP sessions can be found under ‘forums’ in the facilitator’s section of the INFANT website. You can also find about about the next CoP on our website and in the INFANT e-newsletters. 

  • If you have any questions about the CoP, post them in the Comments section below or contact the team at E:

Your task 

Watch the video from the INFANT team’s Dr Penny Love to find out more about our Community of Practice and how you can learn from other INFANT facilitators and improve the program in your community.  

Submit a comment about what you’re most looking forward to, or specific topics or issues that you’d like to discuss in the Community of Practice. These could include:  

  • applying the principles of effective facilitation and behaviour change to your own INFANT sessions 
  • how others have implemented the program 
  • what they did to embed it into routine practice 
  • overcoming challenges like organisational support, maintaining participation and funding.Read the comments from others and replies from the INFANT team. Once you’re ready, select the ‘mark complete’ button then select ‘next lesson’ for the next step.