Check out the new resources and updates that the INFANT team have been developing to help facilitators with the delivery, promotion and implementation of INFANT. These can be found in the facilitator’s resources section of the INFANT website and using the links below:

New resources 

  • Promotion flyer that can be tailored to your service to promote your local INFANT groups.
  • INFANT facilitator guidelines on the core components and implementation of the INFANT program.
  • INFANT online delivery guidelines with advice on setting up and trouble-shooting for online sessions.
  • INFANT participant certificate to provide to parents upon completion of the 4 INFANT sessions.
  • Communication Essentials Kit for promotion of INFANT via your organisation’s digital channels including social media. This supports the updated INFANT Promotion Guide with more hints and tips to help you to promote INFANT in your community.
  • Coming soon is the INFANT language guide: a summary of positive, values-based messaging and healthy language to help practitioners to discuss sensitive issues such as body image, inclusivity and engaging parents with values-based messaging focused on positive outcomes.

Updates to the My Baby Now app

  • Expanded eligibility – MBN is intended for parents alongside the INFANT group sessions, but it can also be promoted to all parents with babies less than 12 months of age.

– new promotional video to show parents from Sheree, a parent from the INFANT program.

– new promotional video to show parents from Rachel, a researcher from the INFANT program.

  • New ‘solids’ topic on vegetarian and vegan diets – Read the new ‘tips to ensure a well-based vegetarian or vegan diet’ and sample meal plans, or watch the new video for parents on “planning a plant-based diet” on the MBN app. You can also refer parents to an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) for professional advice on vegetarian, vegan and other special dietary needs.
  • New update – young children’s dental health: In partnership with Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, INFANT will be undertaking a trial to examine the impact of INFANT and MBN on dental health outcomes of children to 4 years of age. A new dental health topic is now available on the MBN app.

Your task 

Submit a comment with your feedback about how the new resources or updates might be incorporated as part of the local delivery of the INFANT program. Are there any additional resources you’d like to see developed by the INFANT team?

Read the responses from others and replies from the INFANT team. Click the ‘mark complete’ button when you’re ready, then select ‘next lesson’ for the next step.