Resources for facilitators

Facilitator training

Who can access training?

Training will be offered to organisations setting up to deliver INFANT in their area. INFANT facilitators can be Maternal and Child Health Nurses, Dietitians, Health Promotion Officers or other staff identified by your organisation.

What does training involve?

INFANT facilitator training includes an initial 6-hours online and an annual update.

Training is offered as two interactive online modules about INFANT program content and facilitation skills. They are set up so you can log in and do as much or as little as you like at one time. It will be offered at set periods over the year to ensure that you have online support and a group of peers to work with.

What do trained facilitators have access to?

After your training, you will have ongoing access via a log-in to the training portal and website. You can continue to access

  • Session content and resources
  • Facilitation guidance
  • Support from a Community of Practice

Already a trained facilitator?

You may access facilitator resources here.