Mums, dads, and carers


  • INFANT (INfant Feeding, Active play and NuTrition) is designed to help families with feeding and active play to give their baby the best start to life.
  • INFANT consists of four face-to face group sessions for mums, dads and carers led by a professional, with content reinforced via a mobile app (called My Baby Now).
  • Find out more about the program and evidence here, and find out more about the My Baby Now app here.

Find an INFANT program near you

INFANT sessions are now being offered in various organisations across Victoria and increasingly across Australia. Please contact your local Maternal and Child Health/Child and Family Health services to see if INFANT is being run in your area. 

Express your interest in bringing INFANT to your area – please submit the form below:

If you are a professional and interested in bringing INFANT to your community, please register for the training.


The My Baby Now app


The My Baby Now app offers you trustworthy and up-to-date information about feeding and active play with your baby.

My Baby Now is an app developed by experts in child nutrition and active play at Deakin University and the University of Sydney in Australia, and with input from parents and Maternal and Child Health Nurses.

Find out more about the My Baby Now app  – Learn more here.

Mums, dads and carers with a baby less than 18 months old can access the My Baby Now app by:

My Baby Now screenshots
Find out more about the My Baby Now app here.

English and translated resources

The Western Public Health Unit in Victoria in collaboration with INFANT have translated the highly visual INFANT booklets and videos into 6 priority languages: Arabic, Hindi, Punjabi, Simplified-Chinese, Urdu and Vietnamese. These resources support mums, dads and carers with evidenced based feeding and play advice for babies aged 3, 6, 9 and 12 months of age and have been carefully curated to complement the four INFANT group sessions. These translated resources are in an initial pilot phase and will be evaluated and refined over time.



Be a part of our research

When you download the My Baby Now app, you can also opt to be involved in our important research. All you need to do is download the app and complete a  brief registration form, which then creates your account for accessing the app.


Other resources

The Raising Children Network provides free, reliable, up-to-date and independent information on children and families. The Raising Children Network is funded by the Australian Government, reviewed by experts, and is non-commercial.

Find more resources and to keep track of your Maternal and Child Health appointments with the MCH phone app. Learn more here.